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Leeza's Top 3 Tips for Becoming a Warrior of Wellness

To be a Warrior of Wellness you want to be more than physically fit, you want to be strong and ready for whatever is next.  You want to be spiritually alive and excited to own your life.


LeezaOrange (small).jpg1. Say No by Saying Y.E.S. 

If you’re a Yes-A-Holic like me your life is probably cluttered because you aren’t so good at saying “No”.  Well, here’s how I got into recovery and you can too. Before you say YES to anything, think of YES as standing for Your Empowerment System.  What does it take to make you feel empowered?  You probably need to feel valued, respected, worthy, safe, capable, etc. So, how come you say yes to so many things and then immediately begin to feel terrible? It’s amazing how many things we do that actually make us feel badly about ourselves.  Like being a pushover for volunteering to handle everything yourself again! Or stay late at work or whatever?  Before you agree to do anything, make sure it fits it Your Empowerment System.  If it’s not a “YES” for you, shake your head and walk away!

2. Warriors are not victims. 

Period.  So banish the blame and claim victory over victimization.  You can’t reach for tomorrow if your hands are filled with yesterday’s junk.  Louise Smith said that and she may as well have written it about caregivers.  This is NOT the life you ordered.  Yes, and???  It’s where you are now and the sooner you can move forward, the better.  By the way, in your elevator to success on this one you may have to stop and let some people off because not everyone can take this trip with you.  That’s ok.  Release them and move on.

3. Find Your Sanity Sanctuary. 

This is non-negotiable.  Caregiving is not a sprint.  To go the distance in the marathon, you’ve got to fuel up with the things that keep you on track.  So, if it’s your yoga class or your morning newspaper, carve it out.  If it’s your nightly bubble bath or your stroll around the block with Spot, protect it like it’s the last great thing on earth.  Pay attention to those rare moments when you’re NOT feeling overwhelmed and make them routine.  They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so habitualize survival – no mater how trite or trivial it may seem to anyone else.

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