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Types of Living Facilities

Respite Icon.jpgAssisted living

Assisted living facilities are best for those who need minimal daily care. In terms of medical needs, residents typically receive assistance with medication or intermittent skilled nursing and rehabilitative care provided by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse's aides under the supervision of a physician.  Assisted living may be appropriate for those in the earlier stages of Alzheimer's or other dementia that may not have many medical problems, but they do need more help performing activities of daily living (ADLs) like grooming, bathing or taking medications. 

Memory Care

For those living with dementia and requiring a higher level of care and supervision, memory care could be a good option. Memory care facilitites offer the same services as assisted living facilities with increased supervision, plus activities intended to stimulate memory like music, art, crafts and games. These activities are typically carried out by dementia trained staff. 

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes are for people who require significant medical care. Any older adult who needs medical treatment from a registered nurse 24/7 or daily therapy services will need a skilled care setting. Memory Care facilities would be a type of skilled nursing.


Above: Webinar on navigating long term placement with presenter Valerie Koeppen, Assisted Living Placement Expert. 

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