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Is it Time for Home Care?

Respite Icon.jpgYour loved one may not admit or realize they need help. So, it is often up to a family member to notice signs of impairment and difficulty performing routine activities for daily living.  Here are signs that your loved one may need some additional in home help. 

  • Difficulty keeping track of time

  • Over-sleeping 

  • Poor diet or weight loss

  • Extreme mood swings 

  • Loss of interest in activities

  • Difficulty standing up or walking, balance and mobility

  • Unexplained bruising or injuries

  • Marks on walls, furniture being used to help with stability 

  • Uncertainty when conducting tasks (e.g. forgetting to take medications, taking incorrect dosages, or missing important appointments)

  • Continuously using of poor judgment (e.g. falling for scams, giving away money)

Poor Hygiene

  • Unpleasant body odor

  • Smell of urine in the house or clothing

  • Decline in grooming and personal care (e.g. unwashed hair, untrimmed nails, lack of oral care, dirty clothing)

Neglecting Responsibilities

  • Little or no fresh food in the fridge

  • Dirty house and/or extreme clutter

  • Dirty laundry 

  • Stains on furniture or carpet

  • Spoiled food 

  • Piles of unopened mail full of payment notices, bill collectors, etc.

  • Signs of unsafe driving; unexplained dents on the car

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