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Preserving and Protecting a Legacy

Preserving and Protecting a Legacy
By Leeza Gibbons

I've always felt that a legacy was not so much about what we leave FOR someone but what we leave IN them. Have we instilled the values we care about, encouraged the characteristics we find most meaningful? Legacy also includes how well we have handled our affairs and whether we left confusion and clutter or peace of mind behind?

At Leeza's Care Connection, we know that many seniors in our community think a lot about organizing and protecting their personal affairs and preserving their legacies so we encourage them to explore ways to do that . The American Psychological Association affirms that an organized life leads to an organized and less mental anxiety. Are all your important health and legal documents scanned and saved? What about the passwords to your Facebook page or your wishes for your pet when you pass? That's the kind of info that can be kept through a service like Heirloom Safe which provides digital tools to keep sensitive documents safe and secure . You want to ensure that your life's work and your memories are preserved, so a digital vault may be a great option to ease the burdens of estate management.

The future of aging involves a delicate balance of autonomy, dignity, and community support. The Administration for Community Living hampions the integration of technology in enhancing the lives of older adults so we at Leeza's Care Connection want to help you start the conversation. Digital vaults can provide a synergistic mix of digital security and compassionate care that redefines aging with grace.


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