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Technology can make life easier!

Smartphone Icon.jpgTechnology for Caregivers

Not only can it save your loved one’s life if they injure themselves or wander off, but technology can also help ease your duties as a caregiver. Here are four types of caregiving technology and their practical uses in daily life. 


Be it for long distance caregiving or giving your loved one a bit more independence cameras are a great tool for caregivers. Most new models offer live video stream, 2 way audio, night vision, and zoom capabilities. 

Think about it: If you are a caregiver for a senior in your family who has had some slips lately. It is possible to eventually lead to a life-threatening fall without anyone to find your loved one for hours. With technology, you have access to check on your loved one often. A home camera with video monitoring is also helpful to make sure they have not wandered out of their homes.


GPS Trackers can be put into vehicles, shoe soles, watches, and jewelry. Most modules offer live tracking, text or app updates on location and some include heart monitors, and fall alerts. Wearable trackers are small and discreet, and most helpful for loved ones with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. 

Think about it: This disease often leads to wandering, wandering leads to dangerous circumstances. A GPS tracker can provide peace of mind in knowing that you can quickly locate your loved one should they wander or become lost. Being able to locate your loved one if they vanish could literally save their life.

Medical Alert

If your loved one does not require around the clock care, medical alerts could be a great tool. Designed for in the home and on the go, medical alerts can contact emergency services or a pre-programmed emergency contact.  Many devices are waterproof, offer 2 way audio, fall detection, and some are voice enabled. 

Think about it: Emergencies happen. A medical alert system is a life-saving investment. The ability to call and receive help at the touch of a button gives seniors the reassurance they deserve. Be it for a fall, fire, break-ins, or for your loved ones general safety and comfort at home. 

Smartphone Apps 

From medication reminder apps, to streamlined caregiving hubs, apps are a new and growing tool in the world of caregiving. Most other caregiving technology will come with apps that allow the whole family caregiving team to log in and monitor your loved one. Some apps specialize in scheduling and task assigning, while others serve mostly as a medical history record storage. However, the options are endless with apps, call car services for your loved ones to get them out and about or get your groceries - or entirely premade meals- delivered to your doorstep. 

  • Examples:

    • Medication Reminder Apps

      • Medisafe Medication Management 

      • Pill Reminder- all in one

      • Max-Pill Reminder

      • MyTherapy Medication Reminder

    • Caregiver hubs Apps

      • CaringBridge

      • CareZone

      • LotsaHelpingHands

      • Carely

    • Mindfullness and Meditation 

      • Headspace

      • Smiling Mind

      • Calm

      • The Mindfulness & Sleep Meditation

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