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HUGS Program

Our HUGS team is a network of caring ambassadors who have walked the path of faily caregiving and available and accessible tol share their wisdom with others new to the journey.

These volunteers are certified though a custimized curriculum to provide virtual or actual contact with those who may feel lost, afraid, or alone. 

Whether it's through individual support or through our "Group HUG" support gatherings. They are a team of Hope and Help that can offer an authentic lifeline for others who are called upon to care.

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Inspired by the desire to create a positive and uplifting community, Leeza Gibbons created these programs after her own experience with her mother's Alzheimer's disease. Leeza knew we could, and must, do better to offer families a way forward after diagnosis. "When someone gets a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or dementia, all hell breaks loose", which is why we created HUGS- Helping U Grow Strong; a peer-to-peer support system teaming experienced, "street-crendentialed" family caregivers with those new to the journey. We give people a blueprint of what's to come.

We can help people cope rather than collapse when facing a bleak future. After working with families for years through Leeza's Care Connection, Leeza discovered that the number one request was to be connected with someone who "gets it".

HUGS was designed as an intimate relationship between a mentor/sponsor and a new person or family trying to answer the question, "Now What"?

Our Hugs Ambassadors are what we call FCTA's: Former Caregiver Turned Advocate! They take their years of experience along with the specialized training they receive from us and offer it to those who are struggling to find their way to tomorrow.

LG with HUGS Graduate.png Whether you're are an experienced caregiver or interested in becoming a HUGS Ambassador or a currently on your caregiver journey and looking for support, we'd love to chat.

If you'd like to learning more, fill out our interest form below!


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